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Companies That Offshore

Offshore outsourcing can be an effective instrument to help businesses locate niche talent. It can also lower labor costs, increase revenue, and improve company competitiveness.

But companies that offshore companies must be aware of the risks involved. Moving design offshore and manufacturing can deprive a firm of its design and engineering capabilities.


Telstra has grown tremendously since its humble beginnings in early 1990s as a government-owned small company. Today it is a large privatised telecommunications company with operations across the globe. It is also Australia's largest fixed-line telephony company.

The company's success can be attributed to its solid investment strategy and its innovative solutions. In the midst of a shortage of resources in the beginning the company poured its money into the latest technology, and recognized that the telecommunications sector had a huge growth potential. This was a great decision, as it allowed the company to connect Australian cities across the country and internationally. The company was also a pioneer in the use of mobile phones, which enabled people to keep connected to their loved ones wherever they were.

During the 1990s, the company was faced with numerous challenges, including regulation and competition from rival companies. It refused to be passive and devised aggressive strategies to adapt to these changes. For example, it invested heavily in infrastructure and spent $200 billion to enhance its services. It also came up with a new idea by the introduction of BigPond - a high speed internet service for customers.

It also reduced its workforce and outsourced some of its tasks, which led to cost savings. It also introduced an organizational structure that divided roles into functional groups, instead of an traditional hierarchy system. This allowed managers at the top to have more control over their areas of expertise.

The company announced recently that it would bring its call centers back to Australia and that, by 2021, its small business and consumer calls will be answered in Australia. This is a significant step forward for Telstra and will likely have a positive impact on its customers. However, the company will continue to run offshore call centres for its larger international business customers.


General Electric (GE) was established by Thomas Edison in 1892 and quickly became one of the most successful American companies. In the 1980s GE acquired several large companies, including Employer's Reinsurance and Kidder Peabody. In the 1980s, GE's revenue rose from $5 billion to $70 billion. However, despite these achievements, many analysts have questioned whether the growth of GE was sustainable.

At present, GE is focusing on industrial technology and services such as renewable energy, medical and power. It has also invested in additive machines, or 3-D printers, that can be used to create new products and parts. GE's finance arm also offers commercial leasing and lending.

The most well-known item of the company is the GE washer and dryer, which has been in use in American homes for more than 80 years. It was the first device that could be used to wash and dry clothes, which is an amazing invention for household use. GE produces not just appliances but also aircraft engines, medical devices and power generators. GE plans to expand its digital business in the future. This includes commercial software from Wurldtech and cybersecurity technologies.

GE also offshoring its major business processes in India, Companies that offshore where wages are lower than those in the US. Its captive offshoring business, GE Capital International Services (GECIS) employed 12,000 workers in 2004. In 2005, GE spun off its stake in GECIS to create a BPO company called Genpact. Genpact has 20,000 employees, and GE is still a major client. Genpact has recently expanded its business by acquiring the maker of the Osprey drone. GE is also investing heavily in the wind sector, by supplying the Haliade-X 14 MW wind turbines to Dogger Bank C.


International Business Machines (IBM) is one of the largest technology companies, headquartered in Armonk, New York. IBM provides hardware, software, and services to the IT industry. Additionally, it provides financing to assist its customers purchasing IT systems and software. Additionally, it has research labs around the world. The company's pioneering research goes back to the 1880s, when Julius E. Pitrat invented the computing scale and Alexander Dey created the dial recorder. Herman Hollerith also created the tabulating device.

The corporate vision declaration of the company demonstrates its commitment towards leadership in the market and industry for information technology. It states that the company will deliver high-value services by combining business model innovation with technological expertise and industry knowledge. It is also focused on customer satisfaction and value creation, which is a crucial element to its long-term success.

In recent years, IBM has expanded its services division and rebranded itself as a cognitive solutions and cloud computing platform company. IBM's software portfolio includes analytics offerings including Cognos and SPSS. It also offers IT infrastructure software, such as the IBM WebSphere application server and MQ messaging middleware. It also provides mobile software and security products, like the IBM Verse business-email offering and the IBM QRadar platform for security intelligence.

In recent years, IBM's hardware sales have declined due to a shift in corporate IT expenditures from on-premises facilities to centralized companies like Amazon Web Services. In the meantime, IBM has focused on its business consulting and services businesses, and has made a number of acquisitions to increase its presence in these areas. The company has also made significant investments in cloud computing and has a worldwide footprint.


Accenture is a leading provider of management consulting outsourcing, technology and management consulting around the globe. Accenture has a range of strengths that provide it with a competitive advantage that include extensive industry knowledge and expertise of cutting-edge technologies, strong partnerships with leading technology vendors, and global reach and scale.

Marketing procurement, supply chains, learning, human resource management, and finance are all part of the company's procedures. Accenture is also present in more than 120 different countries. Accenture also provides a range of specialized services in addition to its core offerings. For instance, it offers SAP S/4HANA development as well as fast-tracking customer journeys to digital businesses. It also provides IT and security consultancy services.

Historically, companies offshore have outsourced certain production processes to reduce costs and increase their competitiveness. In the garment industry for instance, a lot of production functions have been outsourced to Asian countries. In recent years, however, more companies have shifted their focus from production of products to services. This shift has led to the need for more experts with experience in digital and IT services. The benefit is that these skills can be used across industries.

Accenture offers a variety of clients and is growing its presence in the most important markets. Accenture's client list includes 91 Fortune Global 100 companies and more than three quarters of Fortune Global 500. The company also partners with companies such as Apple, Google, and Oracle to create new technologies. For instance, Accenture has partnered with SAP to create an intelligent platform solution that helps upstream oil and gas companies reduce the complexity of their operations by using market standards. This solution is being tested by a group of major oil and gas firms, including BP, Chevron, ConocoPhillips and Equinor. This partnership demonstrates how companies offshore are moving past traditional outsourcing to focus on services and innovation.


Microsoft is a major producer of operating systems and applications for personal computers. Its best-known products include the Windows line of software as well as the Office suite, and the Internet Explorer web browser. The company has been accused of anti-competitive practices, monopoly and the use of monopoly. In the 1990s, it started the creation of a complex web of offshore companies entities to transfer intellectual property and lower taxes.

If a buyer purchases Office in Seattle, Microsoft's headquarters are not located in Redmond. Instead the money travels on an extended journey. The money begins a long journey by passing through an Nevada sales subsidiary, which doesn't tax corporate income. The money then crosses the Atlantic and is taxed by a Bermudan firm at a zero-percent rate.

Then, the money is transferred to the Puerto Rican company that accounts for research costs and transfers a small portion to an Irish company. The company has employed similar structures to avoid tax in other countries, such as Britain and Germany. The software giant has saved billions of taxes through this arrangement.

The software giant is now facing a challenge from Congress to alter its offshore strategy. The Senate Permanent Subcommittee on Investigations said that the company, along with other technology companies, utilize offshore company units and tax loopholes in order to avoid the payment of taxes. The panel is investigating allegations of tax evasion by tech companies which include Google owner Alphabet and Apple, who have shifted billions of dollars in profits into low-tax jurisdictions.

The collaboration between SSE Renewables, Avanade and the Netherlands Ministry of Infrastructure is part of a larger plan to reduce the impact of wind farms on the environment. The partnership will develop digital instruments to better assess the impact of wind farms on the local eco-system. The tools will be tested in an aquarium and are expected to enhance the identification of wildlife, abundance monitoring and analysis of distribution.

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