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The Best Robot Vacuum and Mop Combo

ilife-robot-vacuum-and-mop-combo-v3s-proThe Q Revo is a great choice if you're looking for a mid-range mop and robot vacuum. It has a great mopping capabilities, but is lacking some of the advanced features found in its more expensive sibling.

In tests it was able to remove pet hair and dry oats from medium-pile carpets. It doesn't employ LIDAR, however, as cheaper models do to locate your home.

iRobot Roomba s9+

The iRobot Roomba S9+ robot vacuum is one of the top-rated robots. It offers impressive cleaning power and a variety of features that include an automatic dirt bin built into its charging base. This robot can recognize your cleaning habits, and recommend automatic schedules that will give you a truly hands-free cleaning experience.

Setup is easy, thanks to the iRobot Home app that walks you through the procedure. Once the system is in place it can begin cleaning automatically with just one button click. You can opt for an overall clean that focuses on the removal of large debris such as cereal and rice or go for two thorough maps of your area to ensure that your home is properly arranged.

This robot vacuum is effective both on bare floors and carpets with low pile. It can remove pet hair and clean big objects up. It doesn't lose its suction as quickly as other robot vacuums. It does have a hard time with plush or high-pile carpet, however iRobot promises it will improve with future models.

The S9+ is a new design by iRobot that is focused on improving edge and corner cleaning. It's the first Roomba to adopt a flat-fronted D-shaped design, which it hopes will allow it to be able to swaddle walls and furniture. It's a significant improvement over hockey puck-shaped robovacs that are common however we found it to be just marginally better than circular models.

iRobot also claims that the S9+ has an improved filter system that prevents microscopic dust particles and allergens from recirculating in your home. We like the statement however, it's not enough to justify a premium price.

Its intelligent navigation system makes use of sensors to store the arrangement of your home and vSLAM to map your interior of your home. It then cleans your entire home with ease by avoiding obstacles such as stairs and other barriers. The iRobot Home app lets you manage the robot and plan cleaning times, as well as create virtual boundaries, so it knows to avoid areas that need extra attention.

2. Roborock Q Revo

When it comes to robots that combine mopping and vacuuming the Roborock Q Revo stands out. Its vacuum settings are as efficient as those found on more expensive models and its mopping system is even better. Its spinning pads do a better job of scrubbing floors than a stationary vibrating pad.

The only issue is the lack of a second brush to allow for deeper cleaning. But that's not a problem if you want to own one of the best robot vacuum and mop combo robots available. The dust tank on the robovac is larger than many of its competitors. Filling it up takes only two or three cycles, even when you've got the most dirt.

As for the mopping system, I was amazed by its ability to scrub hard dirt off my floors. Its two lowest mopping settings that are less powerful than high-powered modes, produce very minimal noise, meaning you can work or even watch television without getting distracted. It will gently bump into furniture or walls and move on if it comes across one.

What really distinguishes the Q Revo apart is that it's designed to operate almost completely on its own, with no need for human intervention. The robo-vac has a multifunction dock that automatically transfers physical trash to the bin hidden from view, as well as cleans and drys mop pads and replenishes its clean water tank. The app will only inform you if something is wrong like the water tank being empty or a canceled vacuuming session due to an empty bin.

You can also create and merge actual rooms to alter how the Q Revo will treat your home. This feature is helpful when you have different flooring in different areas of your home, or in the event that you have to regularly remove clutter, such as toys, clothes and books. The robot vacuum is also efficient and was among the top performers during my tests, picking up debris from both carpets and hardwood floors in the first attempt. It can even vacuum up wet spills. I recommend drying the area with a towel prior to sending it into.

3. Ecovacs Deebot X2 Omni

The X2 Omni has all of the features you'd want from a top-quality robot vacuum and mop and more. Like the iRobot Roomba S9+, it is a top-quality vacuum with a powerful suction that cleans carpets and hard floors, and an omni-rotating mop that scrubs tough staining. It also comes with an auto-cleaning station that automatically washes and empties the mop pads, keeping them clean and ready to be reused. It also features a new sensor system that is able to better detects obstacles, giving it the ability to prevent falling over furniture or other objects.

The biggest improvement over the ECOVACS Deebot X1 is that this version has a sleeker, more modern design, thanks to Danish firm Jacob Jensen Design (best known for its Bang & Olufsen products). Although it's still quite large--it's more than two feet tall and deep and weighs nearly four pounds--the robot itself and its base are less bulky than the Roborock Q Revo or iRobot J7.

This version is also more efficient than the X1, as it charges faster and can handle a complete cleaning of about 1,500 square feet on one charge. It also comes with a larger and more robust dustbin that can store more debris. This makes it easier to empty.

The X2 Omni also has a more natural voice assistant and an app that is functional even if you are not at home. It also comes with more mopping modes and a smart routing feature which allows it to clean specific rooms or areas of your house instead of just following a set route.

The Omni X2 Omni has the top mopping performance of any robot we've tested thanks to its rotating mop pads that remove tough stains and a motor that produces plenty of downward pressure. Its vacuuming performance is outstanding as well, and it boosts suction when it senses carpets to ensure that it does the job well. It also has a massive battery that can last for weeks between charges, and its mopping mode is as powerful as any we've seen in a consumer-grade robot.

4. Dreametech L10s Ultra

The Dreametech L10s Ultra robot mop and Best Robot Vacuum and Mop vacuum is a premium model that comes with a variety of features that aren't often found on robots in this price range. It has the ability to create detailed floor maps, detect various flooring types and is one of the few robots that automatically wash and dry its mop pads. These features are great but they also place the L10s in the class of luxury. This could mean it's more expensive than homeowners need.

Designed to resemble a modern floor cleaner, the L10s Ultra is a tall and slim device that has an elegant white finish that's highlighted by mirror-plated silver elements. The front of the machine is dominated by an enormous bumper, which helps protect furniture and the vacuum from damage while moving around the house. Sensors are concealed behind the front panel, which helps the L10s Ultra navigate tight corners and avoid obstacles.

On the top of the screen, you'll find one button that acts as an on/off switch. Clicking this will turn on the vacuum, while clicking it again will shut off the vacuum and return it to its base station. The circular menu located in the middle of the control panel allows users to select cleaning options, schedules and preferences. The left and right buttons open the settings of the app where you can alter the way the L10s Ultra interacts with your home.

The L10s Ultra, like the iRobot Roomba S9+ or Roborock Q Revo uses a combination LIDAR and cameras-based navigation technology to map out your home. This produces a precise floor plan that helps the robot vacuum and mop efficiently and avoid getting stuck in areas with clutter. The LIDAR also helps the robot vacuum detect and avoid obstacles which is a great feature for families with pets or children.

The L10s Ultra is a powerful vacuum cleaner, which removes 98.4 percent of debris from our test on hard floors, and getting rid of all but the most stubborn juice stains. Its mops also perform well and remove 98.4 percent of the debris from our carpet, tile, and wood tests. It was not as efficient in removing sand from our hard flooring or quaker oats off the carpet.

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